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Superior, Anti-Agency Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO takes time. Plain and simple. But the payoff is worth it. With us, you'll allow more of your SEO marketing budget go to work for you. At IndieSEM, we work independently of the inefficient “agency model” and are able to spend more time and provide more attention to what matters most: marketing your website. In other words, don’t go with an agency!

All SEO companies use large portions of your monthly payment to them to pay for their office space, utilities, payroll taxes, and even big bonuses for upper management. How do any of those things help YOU and your website’s organic rankings? Spoiler Alert: They don't.

At IndieSEM, we’re able to stretch your SEO marketing budget further than any agency can.



Comprehensive SEO Strategies For Your Website

There's a right way and a wrong way to implement any SEO strategy. You owe it to your website and your business to make sure things are taken care of the right way. Over time, we'll take the proper steps at the proper times to enhance your website's visibility and optimize your web pages to reflect what search engine crawlers are looking for. Search engines look for some very specific website components. Whether or not you have the right SEO elements in the right places, they’ll rank you accordingly. Don’t wind up on page 10 of search results! Let us do what needs to be done so the big search engine crawlers will find your site and rank you higher, faster.

At IndieSEM, we'll work with you as your SEO partner to develop the best path towards higher rankings and increased organic traffic. We'll dedicate more time and effort towards optimizing your website for search engines than any agency can offer.

With IndieSEM, you’ll receive a higher-value, more robust SEO service. Our comprehensive website optimization service includes:

Keyword Rankings

Our real-time reporting lets you keep track of your organic rankings over time.

Blog Post Writing

We'll keep your blog up-to-date with captivating, keyword-rich posts that increase rankings.

Competitive Research

Your competition is our competition. And we'll work overtime to capture market share.

Code Optimization

H1's H2's, meta tags, and all your website code will be cleaned up and search engine friendly.

On- & Off-Site Linking

Interlinking on your website and off-site link building is huge for SEO. We've got you covered.

SEO Report Dashboard

No more excel file reports. All your data, integrated and at your fingertips in one beautiful dashboard.

New Content Creation

New, fresh, & engaging content is a major SEO factor. We'll keep search crawlers coming back for more.

Evolving SEO Strategy

Over time, as new data comes in, we'll work together to continually evolve our SEO strategy.



We'll Show You Exactly How We'd Help